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OS NetBackup Port Open

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NetBackup Port Open


1. port


master => client     


방화벽 필요 port 13782(bpcd), 13721(bpdbm), 13720(bprd), 13724(vnetd), 13783(vopied)을 모두 열었다.


client => master


파일 백업시  => 13724(vnetd) 만 열면된다.

DB 백업시  => 13724(vnetd), 13720(bprd), 13782(bpcd) 열면된다.

아래 Veritas Support 자료와 비교해보면 13782(bpcd)는 열필요 없는데 테스트 했을 때는 잘 안되드라구요.


※Veritas Support 자료


▲ client가 방화벽 바깥쪽에 있을 때


1.client가 일반 파일만 백업 받을 경우


Media >> Client
13782  (bpcd)

Client >> Media
13724  (vnetd)


2.client가 user backups/restores를 사용하면,  다음 port를 추가로 연다.

Client >> Master
13720  (bprd)


3.client의 DB 백업을 수행할 때, 다음 port를 추가로 열다.

Client >> Master
13720  (bprd)
13724  (vnetd)

Master >> Client
13782  (bpcd)


4.NetBackup enhanced authentication를 사용하면, 다음 port를 추가로 연다.

Master >> Client
13783  (vopied)


▲ Media Server가 방화벽 바깥쪽에 있을때


Master >> Media
13782  (bpcd)


Media >> Master
13724  (vnetd)
13721  (bpdbm)
13723  (bpjobd)
13701  (vmd)       

***If the media server is in an Shared Storage Option (SSO) environment,  then 13701(vmd) will need to be opened to

and from each media server.

Run /usr/openv/volmgr/bin/tpconfig -d on the media server that is behind the firewall.

If you see robot host = <host_name>, where host_name is anything other than itself (should be pointing to the

master), you need to open one of the following which is dependant on the type of robot being used (see Robotic

Daemons in the Media Manager System Administrator's Guide for more detail on robotic daemons):

13711 (tldcd)  = Tape Library DLT (TLD)
13705 (tl8cd)  = Tape Library 8MM (TL8)
13717 (tlhcd)  = Tape Library Half-inch (TLH)
13718 (lmfcd)  = Tape Library Management Facility (LMF)